Sunday, August 11, 2013

Augmented & Immersive Media (AIM)

As a kid I grew up experimenting with my toys and household electronics devices. I was curious and amazed by the variety of devices I used to see around me. As I grew older I started playing with wires and circuits without even knowing how they internally work but that didn't stop me to use them in a way I wanted them to work. The real exploration began when I entered into college and realized that whatever I learned as a kid was on the blackboards with more sophisticated terminologies and mathematical equations. I just started loving those lectures. I would ask questions to understand how things worked in a particular way and what if I make some change. My first hand experience with circuits clearly quadrupled my rate of learning. In next few years I used my knowledge in several projects related to natural user interfaces, embedded systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and communication systems. In recent few years I developed further interest in pervasive computing, cognitive interfaces, assistive technologies,cyber physical systems, machine learning, augmented reality and bio-robotics.

Now it all comes to a point where I find myself surrounded by so many terms that when someone asks me about my interests I find it difficult to put forward a single term. I research on web to find a term as broad as my interests yet so specific and meaningful. Someone suggests Interactive Design and another says Human Computer Interaction and yet another proposes Immersive Technologies but none of them was an exhaustive term. Therefore, I tried coming up with my own term - 'Augmented and Immersive Media'. By which I mean everything which is augmented over and immersed into the most basic setting and has some trans-formative and futuristic value. In this process my purpose is not to toss another term into the existing flood but to find a safer companion.

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